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WTG 2017: Gold and so much more

The XXI World Transplant Games have come to an end. I am extremely happy with the results: 3 new world records, 3 gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal. I am mostly satisfied with my performances which feels great as I put in many months of dedicated training for the event.

But it was the people I met that really made the experience special. I met athletes from many different countries that had gone through a transplant experience as difficult as the one I faced - some much more so - and each of them have decided to not just survive their organ transplant but to thrive in life despite the difficult road they travel everyday. It was a truly special experience and I am looking forward to participating again when the World Transplant Games next take place in Newcastle, England in 2019. I was told but a number of athletes that this latest games saw a large jump in the level of competition from previous years. As more and more people have organ transplants around the world every day I expect the next games to see that same jump in competition which will bring new talent, an even stronger field of athletes and, most importantly, more awareness to the cause of Organ Donation which is, ultimately, what the games are about. With the 2017 World Transplant Games behind me, I am looking forward to new goals that I have set for myself for the coming months - excited to share more with you soon! Everything I do going forward is built on the goal of increasing awareness around organ donation, increasing new registrations and showcasing exactly what can be accomplished by someone who has had a survived requiring a transplant. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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