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Being Well

With the end of winter months, I've been reminded that life comes in ebbs and flows. Highs and lows. I’ve felt great and I’ve felt poorly. But isn’t that life, in general, for everyone? I’ve become very focused on strength, health and wellness after transplant, not only for myself but for all transplant recipients.

I have personally discovered that the stronger my body and mind are, the quicker I am able to bounce back from setbacks and post transplant complications. My desire to share this understanding has taken me to Los Angeles upgrading my coaching certification in a training system called Tacfit. Tacfit is based on bodyweight movements and rotational strength development, as opposed to linear strength. Tacfit focuses on technique over repetitions and proper heart rate control. Highly scaleable to anyone, it can free one’s body to move optimally. I have also recently been certified to work with a new training tool called Steel Mace which has improved my personal training habits immensely. Built around the concept of mindful mechanics, this tool engages the central nervous system and engages the body in ways that I had not previously experienced.

I’m thrilled to be sharing my existing and expanding skills and knowledge with the transplant community. Let's continue to build ourselves up, to really see what our post-transplant bodies are capable of and just how good we can feel after transplantation. Would you like to receive personal coaching or participate in an upcoming group coaching initiative? Reach out to me!

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