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World Transplant Games

Later this month I'll be travelling to Malaga, Spain as a member of Team Canada to compete in the World Transplant Games. I have been training hard for my swimming events and expect to achieve swim times faster than I ever have before in my life. I have my eyes on the medal podium and I can see myself standing there. My local team, North Toronto Masters Swim Club has raised my swim efficiency, technique and speed well for the short time I have been training with them. I'm putting my head down and embracing the grind with a focused intent on my athletic goals.The World Transplant Games bring together transplanted athletes from all over the world for a fun and competitive week full of sporting events, organ donation awareness events and, in this year’s location, sun and sand. Although this is a friendly competition, it is a competition nonetheless and I expect, based on past event results, to be surrounded by a very high calibre athlete pool. And I'll have a chance to reconnect with the athletes I met at last summer's Canadian Transplant Games. My wife and our 4-year-old daughter will be in Malaga with me, I am looking forward to experiencing a country we've never been to before, playing in the ocean and spending some relaxing time together as a family. Embracing my life post transplant has not always been easy. I've had setbacks and difficulties along the way but through events like these I can hold my focus and train with goals in mind. It would have been easy for me to give up on myself during and after my transplant process but I'm thrilled to be able to create my destiny, chase goals and become the best and strongest person I can be. To me, there is no other option, and I'm grateful!

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