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Recently, I was able to contribute to an exciting new initiative called The Organ Project. Spearheaded by liver transplant recipient and owner of the Ottawa Senators, Eugene Melnyck, the project’s mission is simple: to save lives by ending the organ transplant waitlist. By tapping into the reach of social media and influencers in the sports and entertainment sectors they hope to expand and target new audiences.

I sat down with the project organizers for a recorded discussion about my own transplant experience and the aligned purpose of Goal Embassy - a brief portion of that conversation has been featured on their new website. I look forward to contributing to upcoming events/activities and seeing their progress!

In swimming and competition news... I've registered for the 2017 World Transplant Games which are scheduled to take place June 25 – July 2, 2017. My training and improvement continues with plans to compete in 5 separate events when I travel to Malaga, Spain with fellow Canadian team members in search of gold.

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