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Over the past year I have been very goal focused. Some goals I have accomplished, some goals had to be re-worked and some written off entirely. Regardless of the outcome, my goals had me moving forward. Being goal focused allowed me to, in many ways, be pushed along my path away from being that recently transplanted patient in a hospital bed. Goals were good for me. However, moving forward, I will make a concerted effort to set daily intentions and realize those alongside the goals I set in my life.

I realized something about myself this past year. I have a tendency to get down, beat myself up and to lose track of other areas in my life when I am not moving towards my goal in the exact time and manner that I had plotted out. I have been sidetracked by hospital stays, complications, money and time and, many times, I would begin to lose hope and drive. My strength was becoming my weakness and stubbornly I was letting bad moods affect other areas of my life. Not good.

Who am I to allow bad moods to affect anything connected to my life? I have so much to be grateful for and many more to be grateful to. Its easy to think otherwise but with any thought given to it, it’s silly to live as if the otherwise is true. The good far outweighs the bad but isn’t funny how we tend to focus on the bad and rarely shine light on the good.

Moving forward I have made a practice to acknowledge everything I am grateful for and take time to imagine life without these circumstances that leave me living a wonderful life. I am taking the time to breathe in everything positive in my life leaving time to acknowledge that even though not all is moving forward according to plan at times my life, my existence, is positive and full of amazing possibility. I am moving forward with the intention of spreading this idea, in a compassionate way, to anyone I come across.

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