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2016 Canadian Transplant Games

A year ago, I would not have thought anything like this was possible. I'm back from the 2016 Canadian Transplant Games with 5 Gold medals! A large part of my recovery was based around the goals I set for myself at this event.

I wanted to break the world records set over the years at various international transplant games. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and I knew, with work, they might be achievable. I am very excited to say I achieved 4 world records. They will be verified by the governing body shortly. 50M Butterfly, 50M Backstroke, 100M Freestyle and the 200M Individual Medley. I missed out on the 50M Freestyle.

This annual event is truly the celebration of a second chance at life. The opportunity to be among others like me was phenomenal. I am more motivated than ever to spread the message regarding the importance of organ donation.

#swim #community

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